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Dr. Yasmine Saad

You See You, the Essence of You

Inspiring you to have an empowering perspective on your life through connecting to the essence of who you are
An Inner Message Approach

Transformational change in just one session

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Meet Dr. Yasmine Saad

I am a healer and teacher with a multicultural identity. I am a bridge between cultures, religions, western psychology, and eastern philosophy. I believe in work/life balance and fostering well-being.

I believe that everything is here to propel you to your next great adventure and that your mess is your message. I practice and teach from an integrated approach bridging western psychology with eastern philosophies so that you achieve a balanced, healthy, and happy personal and professional life.

Over 200 5-Star Reviews!

Dr Saad is extremely insightful and intuitive.
I got more out of 1 session with her than many sessions with other psychologists. I would
highly recommend her.


A+. Clear explanations. Got right to the heart of the issue in the initial screening. Very competent.


Transform your muddy waters into a blossoming lotus flower.

— Dr. Yasmine Saad